SEO Social Bookmarking Submission

Social bookmarking submission is the process of submitting links to a website or specific web pages to social bookmarking websites, in order to promote the website and improve its visibility and traffic. Social bookmarking sites allow users to save, categorize, and share their favorite web pages, and can be used as a way to generate backlinks to a website and increase its search engine rankings.

However, it’s important to note that not all social bookmarking sites are equal in terms of their ability to boost SEO. Some social bookmarking sites may be more popular and have a higher page rank, while others may be less authoritative and have less impact on search engine rankings. It’s also important to use social bookmarking in a way that aligns with best practices for SEO, such as using relevant keywords in the bookmark descriptions, using a natural-looking mix of anchor text, and avoiding spammy tactics that can hurt the website’s rankings.

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