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The word Fil stand for “ Elephant” .This Surah is Makki Surah because it was revealed in Makkah .It has 5 verses and ordered 105 in the Holy Quran.

Surah Feel Read Online

surah al fil read online pdf download

Surah Al Fil Translation in English

Almighty Allah protects Kaaba.

Muslims must have trust and faith in Almighty Allah .

Muslims Should Show the humbleness  against pride.

Nobody can dare to go against Allah .

Allah is One ,Only he has all power.

Allah can use his small creature to destroy evil .

Surah Al Fil (Arabic Text)

Surah Feel Benefits

The benefits and rewards of reciting Surah al Fil are as follow.


Reciting the Surah al Fil protects from many diseases and health problems like diabetes and blood pressure.

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Surah fil provide the best protection from enemies. Reciting the Surah Fil helps to defeat the enemy. If someone recites the Surah al Fil, he will remain safe from his enemies and problems.


Surah feel Wazifa Reciting the Surah Fil 313 times after offering Isha prayer for 40 days straight protects us  from the harmful creatures, persons or things .


All the Surah of the Holy Quran has certain message, the importance of the message is based on advice for Muslims to follow that will enhance their life style. The message of Surah al fil is that Allah protects the Holy Kaaba to worship. Muslims from everywhere come to Kaaba for performing pilgrimage. Allah is all the powerful and the Almighy.

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