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The Holy Quran is the complete guidance for Muslims .There are 114 Surah of the Holy Quran but there are a lots of rewards and benefits of reciting 4 Quls  (4 small Surah of the Holy Quran ).

Surah Falaq  seeks the protection from black magic and Evil eye.

Surah Naas seeks the protection from jinn or any harm.

Surah Al -Kafiroun protects from Shirk.

Surah Al- ikhlas  is considered as the 1/3 of the Quran.

Reciting these four Quls  daily protects us from Shaitaan ,black magic, shirk ,evil, evil eye and devil .

4Qul Read Online Pdf Download

4 qul of quran



Surah Falaq is the 113 surah of the Holy Quran Surah Al-Falaq protects us from black magic and evil eye.  This  Surah seeks the protection of Allah from negative thoughts instilled by Jinns  and humans .If someone recites this Surah at his home every night ,he will be safeguard from the evils and evils of human whole night . Imam Tirmidhi narrated that Prophet Muhammad (SAW) used to recite this Surah against the black magic and evil eye.


This Surah has 4 verses .Surah Ikhlas  is the complete definition of Almighty Allah because this Surah provides complete focuses on Tawheed. This Surah is also known as the foundation of Islam .Ma’az Bin Anas narrated ;

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said , “If some one recites the Surah Ikhlas 10 times ,Almighty Allah will build a house for him in Paradise.”

Recitation of this Surah removes poverty and also provides success in business. Reciting Surah Ikhlas is the best way to earn Allah ‘s love .


Surah Naas and Surah Falaq are also known as    “Al -Mu’awwidhatayn”.This Surah protects against the evils of Shaytan and jinn. The meaning of Naas is “The Men.” Recitation of “Al- Mu’awwidhatayn” protect  us from the negative people ,evil and bad situations .

This Surah is also a powerful weapon against the Nazar (Evil eye). If some one wants to keep his mind free from evil thoughts ,he should recite this Surah to get rid of it .


The word Kafiroon is used for “Disbelievers”. The recitation of this Surah is equal to one -quarter of the Holy Quran .If some one recites the Surah Al- Kafiroon before going to bed ,he will remain safe whole night. The recitation of this Surah also cleans from Shirk .

This Surah also helps to overcome our fears and keep us safe from lying and Shirk .


The 4 Quls are used to keep safe from evil ,jinn ,and most important satan .Four Quls are  the protecting Surahs and hold immense rewards and benefits.

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